Sunday, 28 June 2015


On the 27th of June,2015.
Tanzanian girl guides association (TGGA) leaders  met where the main agenda was to inform and explain to girls about the YESS GIRL MOVEMENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM.
Whereas different girls from nine countries in Africa including Tanzania will participate in the exchange program.

A Tanzanian girl will go to any of the nine countries that are Kenya, Madagascar,Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa,Zimbabwe and Zambia under the sponsorship of FK Norway and stay in that country for 6 (six) months starting from mid January to mid July.

At that period of time the Tanzania girl guide will be learning about the culture and the whole girl guides context of that country through interacting, education , volunteering and most importantly through having fun. As in girl guides learning can also be fun.

Any girl guide of 18-25 years old can apply, through the means of application that will be provided to you through the TGGA social media and also in meetings. (So make sure you attend them, it could be you going on the exchange program)

 What are the CRITERIA for some one to be able to apply for the program?

1. Age: 18 - 25 years old.
2.Availability during that period of January to July.
3. Motivated
4. A good ambassador
6. Team worker
7. Passionate and friendly
9. A good culture adapter
10.Respect towards oneself and other people
11. Healthy
12. Be able to share what you have learn once you come back

Most importantly
1. You should be an active girl guide
2.Represent your country well and learn from other countries.
3.Willingness to work with TGGA hand in hand and share your experience.

Check the criteria and if you fit send your applications through means that will be informed to you soon.


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