Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Elieshiupendo 23 years old young leader narrates on her journey in the Swiss, OUR CHALET

The journey to leading change and doing an environmental conservation project had begun when World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and my association, Tanzania Girl Guide Association (TGGA) decided to send me as a representative for my association to the Helen Storrow seminar.
The Helen Storrow Seminar was held in Our Chalet, one of the WAGGGS world center, in Adelboden Switzerland whereby 24 girls from 21 countries with the same mindset discussed about the environmental problems and issues facing their countries and how to deal with each issue at both individual, community to national level through their MO.
I was among the 21 girls, from Tanzania under Tanzania Girl Guide Association and I had an opportunity to present concerning the waste disposal system in my country and waste management, how wastes affect not only the health of people but the economic sector as well. I together with other 20 girls came up with sustainable solutions that will not only benefit the city or nation but my association as well.
We had a total of 36 sessions, a few were in an enclosed room but almost all sessions were done in the outdoor. We got to explore the Swiss environment, nature and got a brief picture of what the Swiss government and its people are doing make sure that the environment is protected. We had discussions and participated in the Our Chalet’s environmental management daily chores.
We also had a day in the adventure park were each girl was challenged to face their fears and come out of their comfort zones by engaging in activities like zip sliding and walking on the rope as well as jumping from the bridge. It was big transformational day for me, as I did activities that helped me reflect on my life, my leadership journey and how much potential I have to change the world.
Our nights were occupied as well as our days. We had introduction to the swiss culture and I participated in the acting role of the famous Austrian Lord who imposed high tax to the Swiss peasants thus the rise of Swiss peasant war in 1653. We also had a movie night, international night, earth hour with camp fire and a “who wants to be WAGGGS millionaire” where we did a quiz competition about WAGGGS and other Member associations.

I am not the same after Helen Storrow Seminar;
It is true, through Helen Storrow Seminar, my perspective of how I view the world and people around me has changed. I have learned a lot not only about me, but also about others and their cultures, about our world as the global village and about WAGGS as well.

I also came to understand of my potential to change the world. I just need the right people, right place and right time.
Again, unless I am completely ready to move out of my comfort zone, I cannot see the change I want to see.

This trip has been door that has opened many other doors, a window to see through the world with another eye. Friendships were made, overcoming of fears, ideas were shared, and above all a new mindset and spirit was created. A truly transformational journey and experience for me. 

And for that, I am thankful to GOD, my family, my association, my university, my friends, WAGGGS, Our Chalet, fellow HSS17 participants, HSS17btrainers and all who made this journey transformational for me.


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