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TANZANIA Girl Guide Association (TGGA) is a Non-Governmental and Voluntary Association dedicated to the advancement of Girls and Young Women both socially and economically. We are focused in empowering girls and young women to be self-reliant, resourceful and loyal citizens by providing them with non-formal education programs and camping. Delivering of Non-Formal Education is done through the fundamental principles of guiding.

Vision and Mission


The vision of Tanzania Girl Guides Association is to
have a girl and Young women who:
« Has understanding of national and world issues.
« Is self-reliant and ready to serve the community
« Is enthusiastic to network with other people nationally
and internationally.


To empower girls and young women to be self-assured
and resourceful citizens.


´To offer opportunity to girls and young women to learn
and explore their communities and environment in
order to develop acceptable behavior, values and
´To develop a sense of loyalty for the country,
responsibility and readiness to work for personal and
national development.
To create international cooperation through training
camps, exchange visits and information technology.


The association is open to girls and young women who
accept and make the promise and abide by the law of the

Guide Movement.

Membership is divided into age groups:
3 - 6 years Tanzania
7 - 9 years Viangaza
10 - 15 years Guides
16 - 25 years Rangers
26- 30 years Young Leaders
31 and above Adult Leaders

Be Prepared.

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  1. Aloha, we are traveling to Arusha Tanzania in June2014 and would like to meet a Girl Guides or Boy Scout Troop. Can you advise how to reach a Leader? Yours in Scouting, e