Saturday, 27 April 2013


The Executive Board Members (NEB) of Tanzania Girl Guides Association (TGGA) held its 1st Board meeting on the welfare of the association. Pictured below are Board members;

                                                       Matilda Kyungu Balama (Chairperson).

Symphorosa Hangi (Chief Commissioner);Stella Budodi (Secretary General) and Adam NoorMohamed (Treasurer).

Shahzeen Rashid (International Commissioner); FlorenceKibopile (Rangers Advisor) and Patricia K. Mbuya (Training Commissioner).
                                         Patricia K. Mbuya (TC) and Sarah Milunga (Deputy Chief Commissioner).

                             Grace Festo (Tanzanite Advisor Assistant) and Adelaide Mikongoti (Camp Advisor)

NEB members in a action.

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